Dedo Watches

I had an enjoyable visit with Dedo Tuesday night. The Troy Soccer teams were playing Xenia, and Dedo was good enough to come up and watch Matt play. It was a good game to watch from the perspective that Troy won. The final score was 4-1 I believe. Unfortunately, Matt’s playing time was not real good, so we didn’t get a lot of opportunities to watch him play.

Dedo also watched the Varsity game with us. That wasn’t as much fun. The team was playing poorly for the most part. The coach chose to put some players in positions he does not normally place them in, and as a result, we didn’t always have a cohesive level of play. I think Dad and I enjoyed the parents more than the game. It’s always fun to watch the parents in action as they complain about the calls on the field. The officiating actually was ok.

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