Carnivale II

I watched the second episode of Carnivale Sunday evening. Before the airing of the first episode, there was some buzz about which major character would be good and which would be evil. I don’t think there is much mystery at this point. Carney boy is the good guy as far as I can tell. The Priest has been an angrier, less sympathetic character so far. Although he appears to be pursuing a positive end, the means to the end are troubling. He secures a building for a new mission by exposing the owner as a pedophile (albeit only to the owner). Nevertheless, the owner donates the building and subsequently kills himself. It’s hard to feel good about the situation at any level. Meanwhile, we discover that the Carney Boy’s mother was romantically involved with a former member of the Carnivale who may or may not be alive. Fairly innocent stuff.

Of course, I could be all wet since in the teaser for the next episode the Carnivale operators are setting him up as a Messiah and putting him in front of crowds to cure people.

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