If this works as expected I will have a way to keep everyone up to date on how the Pappas family of Troy is doing. I’m going to budget the time to keep this updated on a weekly basis.

Now I understand that this is at best impersonal. This blog doesn’t replace my occasional (at best) phone calls or e-mail messages. But this way I get to indulge a hobby while you all get at least some marginal value associated with knowing what we are doing.

I don’t expect this to be a literary classic or gripping in any sense of the word, but hopefully, you’ll get some value from it.

As usual, our collective life is consumed with activities. As a rule, I’ll post updates by category, and the category name will be the person of interest. So for instance, if I talk about events in Matt’s life, I’ll categorize the posting under Matt.

Matt is enjoying his role on the JV Soccer team. He’s getting a decent amount of playing time. The coach of the team does an excellent job managing playing time and getting everyone into the game. I’m sure Matt would be happier with more time, but I think it’s been handled equitably. The team is doing very well. I believe they are about even on their record although I can’t remember for sure. Other then soccer, Matt is not that active. He enjoys playing computer and PC games, and we probably overindulge that interest.

Michelle is also busy with soccer but probably not to the extent that Matt is. Her team has only played one game – a 1-1 tie with a team from Huber Heights. Her coach isn’t as fair-minded as Matt’s, but we persevere (ha!).

Both kids are in new schools this year and that has been anticlimactic. I expected one or both to have issues but so far it has been silent. Becky and I are either being kept out of the loop or there is nothing to know. I hope it’s the latter. Matt’s Freshman in High School. His classes appear to be interesting to him. He’s taking Latin, and it seems as if he enjoys it. Michelle is a 7th grader in Junior High. She’s been very diligent about doing her homework each evening so it would appear she’s engaged in her classes. Both kids are pretty well engaged socially but I wouldn’t call either a social butterfly. They know kids in their own grades and I think that helps them adjust to the new schools.

Becky has been on a campaign to complete all of her summer vacation tasks now that summer vacation is complete. She has repainted four of the seven rooms in the house, and it looks really good. She chose solid colors and went with brighter ones than we’ve used in the past. She’s been discussing it with some of her friends and looking at what’s popular now. The great room is a parchment yellow; I would guess somewhat of a pastel. The hallway is an orange’ ish kind of color you would expect to look awful but is very nice. It is a very warm color. The two bathrooms went back to basics with an off-white which I think is better than the sponge effect we had in the one-room before. As if that weren’t enough we are also painting the exterior of the house. The color is very similar to what was there before. The cedar boards get very dry, so this is a task we get to complete at least every two years. The next house will not have cedar.

Work is work for me. I’m in a role which I do not particularly excel at – but it keeps me employed. Hopefully, I can improve my performance and add value to the company.

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