Nana’s Visit

Mother visited us this past weekend. She arrived Friday night with the intent of meeting us at the Troy – Piqua Football game. The weather really put a halt to that plan. It rained very hard. It worked well though for us to meet at our house and spend time visiting Friday evening. It was […]

Nana Visits

I exchanged several e-mails with Mother today. She is going to come up this coming weekend to visit for a little while. She’s arriving on Friday evening and taking off on Sunday. Since she is arriving during the Troy – Piqua Football game, I have invited her to attend with us. She’s agreed, and I’m […]

Dedo Watches

I had an enjoyable visit with Dedo Tuesday night. The Troy Soccer teams were playing Xenia, and Dedo was good enough to come up and watch Matt play. It was a good game to watch from the perspective that Troy won. The final score was 4-1 I believe. Unfortunately, Matt’s playing time was not real […]

Carnivale II

I watched the second episode of Carnivale Sunday evening. Before the airing of the first episode, there was some buzz about which major character would be good and which would be evil. I don’t think there is much mystery at this point. Carney boy is the good guy as far as I can tell. The […]

Uploads and Thumbnails

I continue to get errors attempting to upload image files. I will need to experiment to determine if it is all files or only images. Hopefully, it is the latter. The installation instructions indicate that the thumbnail module Image::Magick is not required to upload, but maybe I’m missing something somewhere else. Update (11/5/2003): I’ve given […]


I went to Matt’s Reserve Soccer game against Sidney’s reserve team last night. It was in Sidney, and I had a haircut appointment at 5:00 which further delayed me. As a result, I missed the first half arriving just as the second half started. The score does not reflect the level of domination which Troy had. […]


I suspect that no one else will ever post in this blog, but I’m going to give it my best effort. I wanted to share with you all my enthusiasm for a new program running currently on HBO. It’s a series (I can’t recall whether they view it as a mini-series or not) about the battle […]


If this works as expected I will have a way to keep everyone up to date on how the Pappas family of Troy is doing. I’m going to budget the time to keep this updated on a weekly basis. Now I understand that this is at best impersonal. This blog doesn’t replace my occasional (at […]